The Caribbean


The Water and Sanitation Division of the Inter-American Development Bank supported the development of several activities in Belize, including a horizontal information exchange with waste pickers from Guyana in November 2015, a training program for 17 recyclers on organization and formalization issues, and finally awareness-raising activities involving public sector representatives.


For several years, the Inter-American Development Bank has been contributing to the modernization of the ISWM service in Georgetown, Guyana, by taking actions to improve recollection transportation and final disposal of the city’s waste. During this period, it has also worked with landfill waste pickers to prepare and implement a Social Inclusion Plan.

The IRR also developed several horizontal information exchanges between waste pickers who already went through the training and formalization process, and who could share their experience with other waste pickers going through this process. Particularly, in July 2013 and July 2014, the IRR supported the development of this type of exchanges, delivering capacity building programs to approximately 58 Haags Bosch landfill waste pickers in Georgetown, Guyana. Thanks to this experience, an organization and formalization process for waste pickers at this landfill has been initiated.


PepsiCo and CocaCola are supporting a complementary project to strengthen the national recycling program initiated in 2015.

Dominican Republic

In 2013 and 2014, Centro de Desarrollo Agropecuario y Forestal (CEDAF) executed a project that aimed at building alliances between waste pickers and neighbourhood councils in the Piantini, Yolanda Morales, Paraiso and Serralles sectors. The project promoted organizational and commercialization abilities of 20 informal waste pickers and raised awareness in the neighborhood councils, reaching 1,000 neighbours. Neighbourhood councils promoted selective separation of recyclable waste in the neighbourhood homes in order to facilitate the recollection work carried out by waste pickers who, at the same time, were trained to improve waste management.

A second project, executed by Ecored Foundation, started in 2015. The project promoted waste pickers inclusion in ISWM systems to increase their income levels and improve their work conditions in Santo Domingo, San Pedro de Macoris and Samana.

Additionally, PepsiCo and the MIF support a third complementary project, executed by the Dominican Institute for Integral Development. The project, expected to end in 2016, aims at promoting recycling through the establishment of a federation of communal organizations and through the construction of a collection center.

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