Main Principles

The Regional Initiative for Inclusive Recycling (IRR) has worked in 17 Latin American and Caribbean countries under the following four main principles:

Develop strategic projects that connect and articulate waster pickers’ organizations with municipal/regional governments and private companies involved in the recycling value chain. The objective of these projects is to establish and consolidate Integrated Solid Waste Integral Management (ISWM) schemes, which recognize the role of recyclers and integrates them as key players in the system.

Increase the capacities and collaboration between stakeholders in the recycling market, by:

  • – Developing and conducting exchange and capacity building programmes for recyclers, government representatives, non-governmental organizations and private companies.
  • – Providing technical assistance to municipal, regional and national governments in the development of ISWM public policies with the inclusion of recyclers.
  • – Promoting the formalization of collaboration agreements within the IRR framework.

Develop tools to facilitate recyclers’ inclusion in the market and the dissemination of business models and successful case studies. Generate, capture and systemize knowledge of projects belonging to the Regional Initiative for Inclusive Recycling, as well as of other projects related to the initiative.

Building awareness and continuing extending inclusive recycling in the region requires the participation of new partners to build a broad and solid platform of stakeholders. This platform allows the actors to continue working in a coordinated way to integrate more recyclers into the recycle value chain. Therefore, communicating and highlighting the contribution of recyclers to the ISWM schemes and the recycling value chain in Latin America and the Caribbean is key.

Additionally, the IRR works towards achieving public recognition for waste pickers as a valuable part of the economic cycle who perform a public service by positively contributing to society and environmental protection. Similarly, it seeks to ensure the sustainability of the initiative and to mainstream recycling in industrial and municipal services.

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