Waste Pickers

Our objective is to contribute to the quality of life of recyclers, waste pickers and micro-enterprisers by integrating them into the value chain and connecting them with companies that use recycled materials in their production processes.

Strengthening local, national and regional waste picking organizations is pivotal in the IRR intervention strategy.

The Regional Inclusive Recycling Initiative (IRR) works together with waste picking organizations in the following areas:

  • Promoting the creation and improvement of local and national waste picking organizations.
  • Providing training and technical assistance.
  • Supporting the creation of opportunities for these organizations to integrate themselves into the recycling value chain.

2 Responses to Waste Pickers

  1. andres alarcon says:

    Vivo en colombia y trabajo con diseño para el reciclaje, estoy involucrando a los recicladores en proyectos en bogota y medellin, me gustaria saber mas acerca de uds y sus alcances. Gracias

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